The Leg's Menu

With a great selection of foreign and local beers, wide choice of spirits and cocktails and drinks for the ladies, the leg drinks menu is second to none. And if thats not enough for you, theres pizzas, pies and other fantastic cuisine on the food menu.

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Open daily 6pm to late

Big screen football

Great selection of imported beer, spirits and wines

Happy hour 8pm  - 11pm Monday to Friday

Live Premiership action with 
English commentary on our big screen

As well as the best of other European leagues.

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tsing tao  20元
Budweiser  20元
Old Speckled Hen 35 元
Abbott Ale  35元
Long Island Iced Tea  45元
Red/White Wine 25 元
Beer Laos 20 元

Please contact us for details of our Monday night kick about.